Na Mlýně pension introduces itself

Na Mlýně pension was opened in December 2009 after an extensive reconstruction of the building of the former Keller mill granary. In present time, seven fully equipped rooms including social settlement (shower, toilets) right on rooms are offered for our visitors. Besides, two rooms are equipped with small kitchens, including refrigerators and necessary accessory for your convenience. The bike hire service and the cycle store are offered for our visitors and next interested persons; we are able to provide you with a basic service here. A free parking-site is located right on the pension premises.

History: Keller mill

An extinct Sadovany settlement was situated on the eastern end of the village; it is mentioned already in the charter of Loucký monastery of the year 1226. Later on this region, Panská, Polní and Nad Hřbitovem streets, was called as Neustift - Novosady.

Due to rich water sources - a water mill was established here in the year 1862. Mr. Adolf Keller, the miller from Seefeld in Low Austria, established two ponds here, the smaller - the trout one and the larger - the carp one - the current Pancak. The mill has a pictorial position. Forested hillside on the east, wine yard hillside on the north and large pastures on the south. Denizens called this southern side as Crow Hill.

In the year 1876, the mill was rebuilt to a steam one and was equipped with the most advanced technology.

In the year 1909, the mill burnt out totally. The building was restored and put into operation, but in the year 1933 a fire destroyed it again. It was a huge fire, its flames illuminated the whole eastern part of the village. Fortunately, the fire did not attack other buildings. The miller was suspected from intentional setting of fire due to payment of insurance. It was actually very quickly provided and the building was repaired soon. Besides, the operation was equipped with a new diesel-oil drive. The former boiler-room was partially rebuilt to a laundry and partially used as rental distillery and juice production plant.

During the War the building served as a store. After its end, Mr. Alois Bohátka, the miller, became to be a national administrator of the mill. Corn was milled to flour here till the year 1950, approximately, when Mr. Bohátka family was forced to leave this place. After the nationalization - the building was handed over by the local Common Agricultural Farm. A shorts plant operated here first, nevertheless, later on the building was used only as a store again. In the year 1954 - a high chimney was destroyed; it was located outside the building, behind the road, and till this time it was one of Hodonice dominants. Up to now, adjacent dwelling spaces and the garden serve for private living.

Taken from HODONICE HISTORY, author - Miluše Mitregová, issued in the year 2009

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